I'm not old yet, but I've already passed 30. As a woman with large breasts, you shouldn't be short of men. But I haven't found the right one for the bed yet. Because nobody could really get it for me so far. So now I'm just trying my luck on EroCom. Surely there must be men here who are looking for as much fun as I am? In my spare time I like to be artistically active and try my hand at painting. I would like to expand that now. What do I mean by that? I would be happy to explain this to you in more detail in a personal conversation. But I can give you a little foretaste.

I would love to paint on your body. Wouldn't it be very sharp if we painted each other with body paints? What do you think about? The whole thing can be incredibly erotic and I imagine it to be really beautiful. Then we could have hot sex painted in this way and let off steam. What do you think? So I particularly like it when I can take the lead. Because I can show you exactly what makes me particularly hot. And I think that you men get hot too when a hot babe knows exactly what she wants. For me the man should maybe even be a little younger. So I can still show what women like and how they want it.